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A Woman's Body by Tiffany Tenille.png
A Woman's Body in pain. A film by actress and director Tiffany Tenille.
A Woman's Body short film by actress and director Tiffany Tenille.
A film by Tiffany Tenille
A gripping tale of love, faith, and the tender bonds of intimacy.

Photo of two people dancing from documentary  'Killer of Sheep' by Charles Burnett.

Drama Romance


13m | United States | Coming Soon 


In the afterglow of their happy occasion, a newlywed couple encounters a painful truth on their wedding night that

puts their future together in peril.



A Woman's Body is an intimate portrait that explores the resilience of love in the face of adversity. The film delves into the journey of young newlyweds Jolene and Clyde, who on their wedding night, joyously celebrate the beginning of their life together as husband and wife. However, their marital bliss is cut short by a distressing truth about Jolene's body that has been kept secret from Clyde. With the weight of this challenge upon them, the newlyweds are forced to confront their fears and insecurities, which are deeply rooted in the purity culture and the religious beliefs they were raised in. 


Will Jolene and Clyde's love prove strong enough to weather the storm? Or will the truth prove too strong for their marriage to bear? Only time will tell, for the newlyweds must first learn the true meaning of love, and ultimately, find a way to move forward with trust and forgiveness as their guiding principles. 


A Woman’s Body is a timeless love story that is not only about a couple’s struggles but also about the sensitive issues surrounding Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Written & Directed by: Tiffany Tenille

Produced byBetsey Grupp, Tiffany Tenille, Dr. Trevor GrandPre

Executive Produced by: Isabell Bernard & Zach Bernard

Associate Produced by: Doron JéPaul, Crystal Colin,

Brit Godish, Ryan Mcintosh, Alexander Ventresca

Director of Photography: Ruby Miller Paiva 

Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by: Film Independent 

Original Score by: Emily Rice

Edited by: Mujtaba Mir

Sound  Services by:  Lerfilm Inc

Starring: Tiffany Tenille & Doron JéPaul

Background Artists: Joshua Diggins, Adam Salem,

Alandra Abrams, Bobby Newton, Ashley Cummings,

Raquel Layton-brown, Willyann King, Jason Rhodes,

Vanessa Torres, Kendra Brown, Deyon Mcfadden,

Amen Mekuria , Star Mitchell, Darrin J. Daniels,

Hannah Marshall

First Assistant Directors: Caitlin Ferrell & Logan Thoreau

First Assistant Camera: Gabby Magni

Gaffers: Trey Ehmer & Maxwell Collins

Key Grip: Hai Nguyen

Boom Operators: Frank Kubitsky & Paul Alfe

Production Designer: Betsey Grupp

Set DressersTaylor Drake & Brit Godish 

Colorist: Muti

Audio language: English        

A behind the scenes photo of a Black newlywed couple at their wedding.A Woman's Body short film by actress and director Tiffany Tenille.
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